About Us

Threefold Living Studio was established  Jan.23.2018 in Yilan Taiwan by three founders, MingHsiang Hung, Gloria Sun and Hsiuping Chen.


The vision is to embody the wisdom of Anthroposophy in our work, the organization of which is based on threefold social order, and to create a vibrant learning community together with our partners.


  •  Our work in publishing and adult education intends to  rejuvenate and enliven the cultural life of the community.
  •  We stand for fairness in the relationships with our working partners.
  •  We cultivate Biodynamics and community supported agriculture (CSA) to sow seeds of healthy future oriented economy.




We run an independent bookstore which is also the pick-up stop for CSA members. Besides books and Biodynamic products, the bookstore provides space for study groups, courses, new book launch events and supports many community activities.


We devote ourselves to bringing the light of Anthroposophy to Asia.