Biodynamic Practice

Learning Community

Biodynamic Practice and Study
Since 2013, a group of Waldorf school parents come together to study 'Agriculture Course 1924' from Rudolf Steiner, and then practice based on intepretations of Biodynamic principles.

Sharing Garden
Our community built this garden upon the principles of sharing and love, as a safe place for children to work and to learn to live with nature in harmonious relationship.
The sharing garden is open to all.

Workshops and courses
We design workshops and courses based on the needs of community and invite anthroposophists from all over the globe,  to share their knowledge with the Mandarin speaking world.

Deep dive into Anthroposophy
We are involved in initiating and co-creating new projects with senior mentors in deepening the communities relationship to, and understanding of   the different aspects of Anthroposophy. 
(Drawings from Benjamin Cherry during the  course 'Anthroposophy as Healing')

Biodynamic Agriculture

In Taiwan, we strive to bring more wisdom from the sphere of Spiritual Science and to experience through their work dedication to the land and the elemental world. 

Since 2018, We have a local CSA (Community Support Agriculture)  in Yilan Waldorf Community, and have 60 members supporting one farming family.